CBD Cultivar Seeds

We have access to latest Inventories and Strains , and can give you advice on the best Cultivars for your Project.



CBD Full Spectrum Distillate

In an Industry with as much ‘Noise’ as the booming CBD market, it is difficult to find quality, reliable, Sourcing for distillate. We can help you navigate through the confusion, and solve your sourcing requirements.

CBD Crude Distillate


If  you are sourcing CBD Crude Distillate, we can provide a range of qualities and pricing in all phases that will fit the Cost Structure of your Product Line.

CBD Isolate



This much sought after by-product of CBD Cannabis is becoming increasingly available in larger quantities, however the demand is not even remotely close to being met. We can help you lock in to a stable, consistent and steady supply of Isolate, so that you can focus on your product manufacturing and sales.


CBD Biomass Various Forms (Raw, Milled, Shucked, Pelletized)

CBD Hemp Biomass is our number one selling product. Working in this area of the space, we have been able to forge allegiances with many of the top Cultivators, Processing Labs and Manufacturers in the United States and Abroad.


As with our CBD line of commercial quantity Hemp-derived manufacturing materials, our 20+ years of presence in the Industry afford the ability for Us to bring a wide range of  THC Manufacturing Materials.
(Availability in legal States ONLY)

THC Full Spectrum Distillate

THC Crude Distillate

                                            THC Isolate

THC Biomass

THC Flowers


Custom pricing available for Monthly (futures) Contracts.

 If you let us know what you will be using the product for in manufacturing, we will be happy to give you advice on the best choice of CBD/THC materials.



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