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HEMP2HEALTH provides  Commercial Products and Services within the Cannabis Space, including Biomass For Extraction, Cultivar Seeds for Production, Isolates, High-grade Pharmaceutical CBD oil extract (for companies seeking to formulate and develop Nutraceuticals), Product Formulation, and Consulting.

HEMP2HEALTH, LLC is a uniquely positioned full service, state approved, Medical Marijuana Product Development Company located in Pueblo County, Colorado. Operating since 2015, HEMP2HEALTH has made many contributions to the Industry, from Full-Service Agricultural Production Facility Development, Capitalization for Facilities including Farms and Dispensaries, Product and Formulation Development. The Company holds Patents for Proprietary Strains of Cannabis, Medical Applications and Formulations, and Agricultural Equipment. The Company is currently involved in raw material and product supply to Processing Laboratories, and Product Manufacturers worldwide.

Over 400 Phyto Nutrients exist in our CBD Rich Hemp Genetics. H2H employs an Extraction technology that allows for the extraction of these nutrients without the use of heat or harmful solvents. The result is a full-spectrum Nutraceutical food product with exceptional nutritional qualities; providing the benefits of the whole plant including the highly sought after CBD in an easy to use and easy to digest form.

Our team is comprised of consultants, master growers, marketing strategists,


market-makers, medical professionals, psych-professionals, University research

teams, financial specialists, realtors, computer technology specialists, retired FBI agents, professional security teams, etc.

• We are a registered and up-to-date company.
• We own a registered non-profit 501 (3)c company which provides a broad scope for operation.
• We have our own seed banks and access to the best international seed banks available.
• Major medical companies are currently collaborating on several products that we have patent-pending.

The Agricultural Economics of Hemp Production In our region of the Country:


Hemp demonstrates a preference for the temperate zones situated between the 25th and 55th parallels on either side of equator; Colorado is situated between the 37th and the 40th geographic North parallels. Pueblo, CO sits along the 38th parallel which is known as the “Waterline Around the World”. Hemp does not flourish in wet soils, Pueblo’s arid landscape, rich soils, and abundant resources make it   prime property. The opportunity for hemp production in Colorado has barely come to fruition as of January 2014, but only for those who are properly poised to conduct such operations.

Pueblo, Colorado and the surrounding Southern Colorado Rocky Mountain region are geographically positioned along the same altitudinal, longitudinal, and latitudinal locations on the polar opposite side of the globe from its “sister” region which is known as the Himalayan Hindu Kush Mountain Region of Afghanistan. This region of Afghanistan has been known to produce some of the highest yielding, hardiest, and most potent strains in the history of the world. Our region of the Rocky Mountains, contains the same types of soils, climates, air quality, geology, temperatures, and weather patterns as those found in the Hindu Kush region.